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Why is Solomon Academy the best at math?

Solomon Academy consists of intellectually stimulating lectures, thorough practice through quizzes, homework and help sessions to help students train their skills and confidence to their highest potential.

  1. Lecture: Solomon Academy's teachers teach math concepts in a way that is easily understandable by starting with basic problems and gradually moving towards challenging problems so that the students' math foundation is concrete and well organized.

  2. 80% Rule: Every lesson, students will be quizzed on previously learned materials and will be expected to receive at least 80% of the correct answers on their homework. If there is a failure to do this, students will be expected to stay for an additional hour for Self Study. This rule was established so that students can feel a sense of responsibility and train their concentration skills.

  3. Teacher's Assistants System: In addition to lessons, TA's (Teacher's Assistants) help students review and re-learn topics in which students need assistance.

Prior to enrolling at Solomon Academy, students are required to take a test that determines their level and the appropriate class for each student. All of the math classes thoroughly cover concepts and reinforce them with practice exercises and homework so that students can strengthen their skills.

Math | Solomon Academy Education

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