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Math Competition Classes
For students with gifted and confident math skills, this class is designed to prepare students to excel in various math competitions. There will be topics taught in this class that aren’t covered in regular school math classes, allowing our students to stay one step ahead.

1. Math Kangaroo Prep Classes (1st-4th Grade)
Among all the math competitions in the world, this exam has the highest number of participants. This competition includes students ranging from 1st to 12th grade and has over three million participants every year. Recently, America has begun to give more specific attention to the academic standards of younger elementary students. This math competition when compared to Math Olympiads or other math competitions requires less pre-requisite knowledge, which allows students the opportunity to participate in a fun and competitive environment while feeling much less pressured. This competition gives students the opportunity to compare themselves to others not only on the national level but also on the international level.
Beginning January of 2011, the Vienna and Centreville Campus will be opening a Math Kangaroo classes specifically aimed to help students 1st through 4th grade prepare for this competition. The Math Kangaroo class will teach young students how to attack and solve basic math and word problems that are customized to their level. It will focus on improving the students’ creativity, logic, and the ability to learn.
Students whom learn proper study habits and competition from a young age tend to have a stronger foundation and continue to excel in higher levels of math. The Math Kangaroo program gives students the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead of their peers with thorough step-by-step lessons and by applying higher standards of learning.

2. CML and Math Olympiads Prep Classes (5-6th Grade)
CML and Math Olympiads, which focus on students grade 4-8, are nationwide math competitions that consist of both elementary and middle school students. Solomon Academy’s curriculum focuses on advancing the mathematical skills of 5th and 6th grade students to prepare them for the Math Olympiads. A variety of Math Olympiads questions are used to teach students strategies to solve problems and help prepare students for the competitions.

3. MathCounts Prep Classes (6-8th Grade)
MathCounts is a large-scale competition with many middle schools nationwide that participate annually. This math competition does not end after the first exam but, for those who receive high scores, continues to County level competition, State level competition, and finally National Level Competition.
Solomon Academy’s MathCounts Prep Class utilizes many different MathCounts questions to aid in teaching students not only necessary concepts and ideas but to show students that they can learn and grow through competition.

4. AMC/AIME/USAMO Prep Classes (8th Grade and up)
AMC(American Mathematics Competition) is America’s most well known and large scale math competition. Through this math competition, the American representative for the Math Olympiads(IMO) is chosen. Especially at prestigious universities such as MIT and CalTech, AMC Scores are not only criteria, but an almost mandatory aspect to students wanting to study engineering. Due to the fact that majority of applicants receives a perfect or close to perfect SAT math score, AMC score gives universities the opportunity to evaluate a student’s real math skills.

AMC first exams are split by grade into AMC8/10/12. For example, if a student is in the 8th grade or lower he/she is eligible to take any of the higher level exams. If a student is in the 9th or 10th grade, the student is eligible to take AMC10 and 11th and 12th grade students can only take the AMC12 exam.
AMC’s second level exams are invitation only by the AIME(American Invitational Math Examination). Every year, students who receive superior scores on the AMC10/12 are invited to compete once again for the AIME competition.

Afterwards, if a student receives a superior score at the AIME competition, the student may be eligible to compete in the USAMO (USA Mathematical Olympiad) competition. If the student does well, he or she may be eligible for the IMO (International Mathematical Olympiads).
Solomon Academy’s very own K. Lee(TJ) received a praiseworthy score at AIME and became a USAMO qualifier in 2009.

Thomas Jefferson High School/SSAT Prep classes
For students desiring acceptance into TJ School of Science and Technology or a Private High School, Solomon Academy offers specialized SAT classes for optimized learning. In 2010, 11 of our students were accepted into Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology.

CTY(Center for Talented Youth Program at Johns Hopkins University) Prep classes
In order to be accepted into Johns Hopkins University’s CTY program for 7th and 8th grade students, students must receive high SAT scores. Solomon Academy’s CTY Preparation Classes help students maximize their SAT scores with comprehensive lessons and challenging SAT exercises.

SAT Preparation Class
SAT exam requires more than just repetition. It requires understanding comprehensive strategies and the ability to learn from mistakes. In order to help students understand the material, Solomon Academy has categorized the SAT into 16 distinct topics. Students will be taught one of these topics every lesson in order to accumulate knowledge and experience in order to achieve an excellent SAT score.  

SAT II Math Level II and AP Calculus Classes
For the last three years, over 60 of Solomon Academy’s SAT II Math Level II and AP Calculus classes help students have received the top scores of 800 points on the SAT II Math Level II and 5 on AP Calculus exam. Both of these respective exams are taken in the months of May and June and can be prepared in conjunction to one another. This class is designed to thoroughly teach students the material as well as shortcuts and strategies to help students take down two birds with one powerful stone.

Additional Math Courses
1st -4th Math
Algebra 1 and 2
AP Calculus AB and BC
AP Statistics

English Program
TJ English
A class, for students interested in attending Thomas Jefferson High School of Science, designed to prepare and expand knowledge of English. Questions that occur often on the TJ exam will be practiced and reviewed to raise students’ scores.

PSAT & SAT Critical Reading
The course reviews SAT critical reading sections. The course contains a thorough review of the grammar, reading, and vocabulary frequently adopted in the PSAT/SAT.

Grammar Completion Class
This class will teach the basics of English through Reading and Writing to thoroughly teach the rules of grammar, expand vocabulary, and create a strong foundation in English.

3-4th and 5-6th English
Comprised of the key components of English, this class will thoroughly teach students reading, writing, and vocabulary skills necessary to succeed.

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