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Solomon Academy is a prestigious institution of learning with numerous qualified teachers of various fields of education. Our mission is to thoroughly teach students of all ages and confidence levels, elevate skills to the highest standards of education, and provide them with all the tools and materials to succeed.


Solomon Academy will do its very best by taking even the least confident of students and creating a strong foundation so that they will be able to jump start into any class or institution with confidence and academic superiority. Beyond just raising grades, we hope to instill a strong basis of knowledge by practicing good work habits and to develop mathematical interest by showing real life applications of mathematical calculations.

Solomon Academy creates an environment that allows for personal interaction between its students and teachers. Every student will receive as much help as he/she needs from various TA's (Teacher Assisstants) and a vast collection of problems and exercises. Every student matters to us and we will do our very best to have a great and fun learning experience that will get your kids hooked on learning!

Yeon W. Rhee's Qualifications:
Head Academic Director at Solomon Academy

MathCounts Coach at Kilmer Middle School (Present)
Mathematical Statistician at Bureau of Labor Statistics (2000~2005) 
M.A. in Statistics at Columbia University, NY
B.S. in Mathematics at New York University

Solomon Academy’s Math Curriculums:

Regardless of the student’s familiarity with math, our math curriculum will cover topics and sections using concepts and arithmetic that are ahead of the normal school curriculum. Even for the students that aren’t confident and interested in math, through personal interaction, we will do our best to create a fun learning environment that allows students to fully explore and master the concepts of math.

Solomon Academy’s English and Science Curriculums:

The English curriculum includes a variety of classes for various ages and skill levels. The academy will provide a multitude of books, guidelines, and exercises from our library so that students can expand their range of vocabulary and master the rules of grammar and applied reading. Science classes and tutoring will be available upon request.

Math | Solomon Academy Education

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